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RPT-1600 Data Repeater


Make Easy! For Improving The Weak Area Coverage

The RPT-1600U Data Repeater is well designed in same/duplex frequency and low transmission power to improve the weak area's receiving.
This device is usually installed in the indoor area, such as the building corner and basement etc. And the power source is provided by an AC adapter, which needs to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
For the data repeating techniques, the RPT-1600 uses 2 antennas to handle all signals in and out.
And the antenna located at the repeater bottom side is used to receive the signal from the portable transmitter.
The other antenna on the top side is engaged to forward and transmit the received signal to the pagers etc.
The effective receiving distance from the portable transmitter to the repeater is about 250 feet.
And the repeating distance coverage from the repeater to the receiver devices can reach up to 1 mile.
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